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Our Story

A. V. Farms is the latest iteration of the farming tradition that spans four generations of the Kunes family history. From the apple orchard and Hereford cattle our family began with in the 1930s, to the herd of more than 200 cattle we have cultivated today, our connections with the Pennsylvania farmland run decades deep. We are determined to continue strengthening these connections through our farming practices today.


In nearby Penns Valley, our cows are raised with the highest standards of care in mind. This means that the cattle are left to roam our pastures freely. They are fed the spent grain from our Brewery at Otto’s and hay that we have grown and harvested directly from our own fields. Our cows are antibiotic-free and never treated with growth hormones. We know exactly what goes into our beef because we’ve cared for everything from the cattle to their food sources.​

We’ve dedicated our time to raising healthy cows on our own terms and cultivating the land with sustainability in mind. We hope you can taste the difference.

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